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Adding a How to the What: Guiding Principles for Change

Canada’s Justice Development Goals map ambitious change for our justice system. Not only do we need to see progress on each of the goals, we have committed to guiding principles for how to do that.

  • Put the Public First
  • Collaborate and Coordinate
  • Prevent and Educate
  • Simplify
  • Take Action
  • Focus on Outcomes

Putting the public first means we start with the experience of users of the system, particularly users who have trouble accessing the system. From there we have committed to coordinate activities to make the most of the resources and expertise available. Efforts will simplify the system, focusing on preventing and educating on legal issues. There is a commitment to take action, and to focus on real outcomes.

The work of the Action Committee is guided by these six principles outlining how we will work together to make sure that the innovations, new ideas and system changes work for the people who need access to justice the most. This commitment on how we will tackle the Justice Development Goals is critical, setting a new tone for collaboration locally and coordination nationally.

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