Funding Strategies


9.1 Coordinate to spend money well

Learn what the real costs of legal issues are and divert funding to prevent legal issues and minimize the demand on other social services

9.2 Better fund legal aid

Increase funding of legal aid, to make more people eligible and to expand the types of legal problems that are eligible

9.3 Make sure the money lasts

Maintain the focus on access to justice to ensure that improvements can be sustained and changes are funded indefinitely

Progress in 2020

Funding announcements and spending on A2J has been influx throughout 2020 as funders have been an active part of addressing access to justice during the pandemic. Not only have existing and new sources of funding been maintained, but funders have also been flexible about the timing and activities as organizations have adapted to changing needs of their users.

Stable funding for legal services is critical to existing and new access to justice services. Improved funding strategies would see more money allocated to legal aid in Canada, as well as to preventative approaches to understanding and managing conflict. It also means strategic use of that money by leveraging opportunities to work together, to avoid duplication and to learn from each other. Understanding the impact of unresolved legal conflict on people’s finances, as well as on publicly funded services is also a part of a complex funding strategy.

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