Address Everyday
Legal Problems


1.1 Educate early

Provide targeted, free, accessible public legal education about frequent legal issues, different types of solutions and the process of enforcing rights

1.2 Prevent

Foster legal capability so that people can spot legal issues early, get preventative or proactive help and anticipate, avoid or manage frequent legal issues

1.3 Offer a continuum of services

Develop and expand legal services to include the full continuum of information, advice, help lines, online services, in-person services, and partial or full representation

1.4 Reflect Canadian society

Put the services people need in the communities where they live with the resources to address the barriers they face

Progress in 2018

Building people’s legal capability strengthens their ability to identify and avoid legal problems and get help when they need it. Public legal education organizations are often the first point of contact for people trying to understand their legal issues. Educational resources and information sessions offered by non-profits, clinics, courts and lawyers help people prepare for common legal issues.

Triage and referral services are part of the continuum of legal services. Identifying legal needs early and connecting people with both legal help and other kinds of supports can minimize the impact on their health, relationships and finances. In 2018 the range of triage, information and referral services expanded across the country. 

Click here to learn about 2018 activities to advance Goal 1: Address Everyday Legal Problems

Read the whole report here: Working Toward Accessible Justice: Tracking Progress on the JDGs in 2018

Read the 2017 JDGs Report here:


Organizations Advancing this Goal

Organization’s English Website


Organization’s French Website


Canadian Bar Association


L'Association du Barreau canadien

National Self Represented Litigants Project




Calgary Legal Guidance



Community Public Legal Education Alberta



Edmonton Community Legal Clinic






Access Pro Bono BC



 Provincial Court BC



Courthouse Libraries BC



Community Legal Assistance Society



Justice Education Society



Legal Services Society



Ministry of Attorney General



People's Law School






MB Community Legal Education Association






Public Legal Education Information Service of  New Brunswick


Service public d’education et d’information juridiques du Nouveau-Brunswick




Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador






Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia



Nova Scotia Courts




Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society



Nova Scotia Legal Aid


Aide juridique de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Nova Scotia Family Law






Law Society of Nunavut


Barreau Du Nunavut




Law Society of the Northwest Territories



Legal Aid Commission, Department of Justice






Community Legal Education Ontario


Community Legal Education Ontario




Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN)


Réseau ontarien d’education juridique (ROEJ)


Pro Bono Ontario



The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG)


Groupe d’action sur l’accès à la justice




Centre de justice de proximité du Grand Montréal


Centre de justice de proximité du Grand Montréal




Pro Bono Quebec


Pro Bono Quebec

Justice Québec


Justice Québec




A2J Committee



The Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Project



Family Law Information Centre


Centre d’information sur la droit de la famille



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